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Colbert stays in character at congressional hearing
Published: 6 years ago
Stephen Colbert testifies at a House Judiciary Hearing on the state of agricultural jobs in the U.S. These are his opening remarks The reason for Colbert's ...
Aquaponic farming saves water, but can it feed the country?
Published: 1 year ago
Aquaponics, a system of farming that uses no soil, also uses far less water than traditional agriculture. But while the technique is gaining attention, it remains a ...
Watch Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery in 4K
Published: 1 year ago
Twenty-one steps south. Face east 21 seconds. Face north 21 seconds. Twenty-one steps north. Face east 21 seconds. Face south 21 seconds. Repeat until ...
Shields and Brooks on GOP health care bill pushback, Trump’s dramatic budget
Published: 10 days ago
Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week's news, including the conundrum for ...
Turning plywood into dynamic sculptures
Published: 2 years ago
Using a self-taught technique, David Knopp carves plywood laminate into fantastically abstract shapes, imbuing the rigid nature of wood with the fluidity of water.
Watch President Obama speak -- and sing -- at White House tribute to Ray Charles
Published: 1 year ago
President Barack Obama not only spoke at his final "In Performance at the White House" special tribute to Ray Charles, he also got up on stage to sing.
Why Those Who Feel They Have Less Give More
Published: 3 years ago
View more on this study at PBS NewsHour's Making Sense: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/making-sense/ and ...
This cement alternative absorbs CO2 like a sponge
Published: 1 year ago
Cement has been called the foundation of modern civilization, the stuff of highways, bridges, sidewalks and buildings of all sizes. But its production comes with a ...
Poet Sarah Kay’s ‘Brief but Spectacular’ take on poetry
Published: 1 year ago
If you had two minutes to give the world your take, what would you say? Each week, PBS NewsHour's new series “Brief but Spectacular” will feature some of the ...
In 1980s Miami, the triple crisis of growing up black, gay and poor
Published: 4 months ago
Based on a true story, the new movie “Moonlight” follows Chiron, a boy growing up black, gay and poor in 1980s Miami. The film documents Chiron's identity ...
A brief history of the American shopping mall
Published: 2 years ago
The indoor mall became a ubiquitous symbol of American suburbia in the 20th century. But America's first shopping mall, still landing in Edina, Minnesota, was ...
How Lemony Snicket channels his bewilderment into words
Published: 6 months ago
You may not have heard of Daniel Handler, but you've probably heard of his pen name: Lemony Snicket. Handler, author of the children's book series “A Series ...
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