Download: MEN OF WAR (PC): Cleaving the Iron Curtain - April 9th 1945

By Azurean88


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The German's suprising victory in "Wacht Am Rhein" has halted the Western Allies in a tumultous shock.. Thus allowing for resources to be shipped eastward to confront the Russians, whom have taken Seelow Heights & are rolling westward.. Germany has been able to create several superweapons that they hope can be tested in battle so to thwart the encirclement of Berlin.. A Maus & an E100 are commited to this initial engagement along with several other German units transferred from the Ardennes Campaign... The Germans learn that Marshall Zhukov himself is at a field HQ to the rear of the offensive.. If the German Supertanks can punch through the Red Army Guards, the SS troops may be able to terminate Zhukov & bleed or at least wound the moral of the Bolsheviks.. German scientists have vastly improved the remote controlled Goliath bombs, increasing their small arms protection, operating range, & explosive payload.. These were rolled through the Russian lines under cover of dark & destroyed their artillery munitions.. As the morning breaks, the Germans prepare a mighty counterstroke against Stalin's forces... (This is not a historical battle, it is purely fiction)