Download: Tips for feeding your green cheek conure bird.

By petscapeable


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I am posting this video especially for new bird owners, especially new green cheek conure caretakers to show items that are useful for their special feathered friend and items your bird will enjoy and use, eat, chew. Lucy, sleeps in her cage in my bedroom, and then when I get up, I slice an organic apple wedge, maybe with a kiwi slice, or fresh pineapple from a salad bar (I take off the outer part) or a strawberry, or clementine. By the way, have some kiwi yourself as it is supposed to be very good for the eyes. She loves clementines. At night I may add a washed lettuce leaf, or spinach leaf to it. I want to add that I keep a little cup in the cage with some bird brand of dried fruits for her. Also, once a day her food container with the moist food and her water dish get washed with soap and water daily and rinsed well . Of course, she is not a baby anymore; she is over a year old. So this is advice for when they are a bit older. It may take a bit of time for your bird to like hanging fruit, but keep at it. Also, she ate the larger pellet soaked in warm water and mashed, when she was a baby.. At the kennel, they have frozen veggies for their birds and nuke it, I guess, and give that to their birds in the morning. I bought some, but mostly, she likes the fresh fruits. Oh, I do keep a sm. bag of dried hot birdie peppers in the fridge and give her that sometimes, such as when she is on her play stand in the kitchen. She also loves multi grain cheerios. I treat her to that when she is on her kitchen play stand, though I don't give her too much of it. About the small dried pellets. I keep them near her water dish as she likes to soften them by dunking then in her water dish.