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Planet MGTOW, we are very ready to return home.
We have completed the study of 2 different animals on this new planet.

Human - Currently the planets dominant species

In most cases many the males will bend and bow to provide everything a female demands to prove he is a worthy mate and can provide for his unborn children.
Once the female moves into the males house, she continues to decorate the house predominately using plain colours , often purchasing cushions and fluffy items.
We are unsure why they choose fluffy objects, it might be an attempt to personify how they want to control their male by surrounding themselves by soft toys it keeps the males calmer to prevent them lashing out at the female for her constant demands and child like tantrums.
Eventually, once the house is finally up to the standard of the females preferences, she demands a "wedding" which from what we understand legally gives the female a 50% entitlement to everything the man currently owns and obtains during their courtship.
Now everything looks good and the females allows to male to impregnate her.
The children are born and the male provides food, shelter, luxury until the children are able to fend for themselves.
The male is no longer of any use to the female and she will cash in her wedding cards. liveing a happy life doing whatever she wants, which is usually to find another male and have another wedding......

Lions (Secondary Species of dominance)
Strong Lion Male has his own group of females to himself.
He chooses which of his females he wants to impregnate on any given day.
After Mating he likes to sleep by himself in the shade.
The females hunt the food and the male will eat the kills, he then likes to sleep for several hours in the shade before mating again and then finding more shade to sleep...again.
If food is still available, he may eat more and have another seek shade to sleep.
Following his sleep, he will rise and visit the females and their cubs, he inspects each cub to make sure he is their biological father.
No laboratory testing is conducted, however if he suspects a cub does not resemble his good looks and charm, they make a nice little snack.
If a cub strikes the male in an attempt to play with their father, the Adult male will command the situation by eating the cub.

Other Males may challenge the Male for his Females and area of shade. They will fight and usually the Alpha male has a magnum which he frequently uses to control the peace in his territory.

Our conclusion to this analysis is human females, although smaller than their male counterparts, have managed to rise above Male authority using things bazaar things called Laws, bribery and Blackmail.
Lion males, on the other hand, are AWESOME!!!