Download: NFS Most Wanted: Razor, Final Pursuit to NFS Carbon

By x3D


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This is how you get from Need For Speed Most Wanted to Need For Speed Carbon.
It's the main storyline in the Need For Speed series.
It's the best background story of any racing game I've ever played.

I started off the video when I was challenging Razor, the number one driver on the blacklist in the game. In the start of NFS Most Wanted, he races you in a pink slip race, but he also does something to your car so that you run out of fuel and never finish the race, so he gets the car. You then have to work your way through 14 other blacklist racers just to get your car back, and it kind of helps that he's very cocky and very arrogant.
Whilst you're working your way through all those blacklist racers, you're completely unaware that your friend Mia is an undercover cop, and is using you to arrest all the street racers in the city. She's doing that because she needs to get her car out of the police impound, so she's working for an elite bounty hunter called Cross. He is also cocky and arrogant. More of a reason to get away.
So you're working to get your car back, and people are getting arrested. But once you make it to the top, wouldn't it make sense for them to just arrest you too? I think that's what their plan was, but Mia thought better of it and throws you the keys, and gives you an escape route out of the city which had been blocked off for the rest of your time playing the game.
You take Mia's help, you head over to the place she marks on your map, and sure enough, the road isn't blocked off any more. If you listen whilst she's on the phone to you, she says "your car is fast enough to make the jump". And it is one hell of a final scene when you see a beautiful BMW M3 GTR flying over an old bridge, gorgeous scenery in the background and a few Chevrolet Corvette C6s crashing into a lake. What more could you want?

But then it gets better. When Need For Speed Carbon starts, you're just cruising down the mountainside, at night, it's all quite pretty, you're thinking of some old memories of the place that you're heading towards. Then Cross comes right up behind you and absolutely smashes into the back of you, damn, he almost took both of you off the side of the mountain. Safe to say he's a bit annoyed.
And... you race down the mountain, trying to get away from Cross AGAIN, an there's some sort of construction, or maintenance going on further down the road, you smash down loads of scaffolding, signs, etc, then you clip the truck with huge pipes and you get crushed.
Cross tries to arrest you, he misses his chance, you have to start all over again, typical Need For Speed.

I love this storyline so much, it's actually not totally unrealistic.

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