Download: jacob and nessie-The middle

By xoxohartsxoxo


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READ FIRST!!This is the second video to my series. There will be three all together. The series picks up where one left off. Renesmee is all grown up now. After years in hiding Edward,Bella and Renesmee return back to Forks. Jacob heres of the news and goes to see Renesmee. Bella is not happy to see Jacob after knowing of his history with her daughter. Edward after seeing Renesmee's reaction tells her about Jacob and when they were younger. Renesmee finds herself allured to Jacob but one day over hears her mom and Jacob talking about imprinting and on her. She does not know what to think about the idea of imprinting and questions her feeling towards him. If they are wonder or destiny? Renesmee runs into an old friend of hers.Tristan who is a vampire as well. He tried to advance on her at a dance. Where Jacob sees them. Jacob loses his temper and a fight ensues. Renesmee is upset by Jacobs behavior but forgives after she realizes she is in love with him.Tristan betrays her by turning her in to the Volturi. Volturi never likes a snitch and kill him. Alice warns Bella,Jacob and Edward but they arrive too late. The Volturi come to collect Renesmee. Jacob tries to fight them but it is hurt by Jane. Renesmee offers herself and goes back to Italy to meet Aro. Aro does not know what to do with Renesmee but spares her life. She joins the Volturi but her parents along with Jacob go to save her before.....