Download: Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo Screen FiX w/ SoupKit! (1of 3)

By Liz Robert


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Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo Screen FiX w/ SoupKit!

Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo after rooting and when i restarted in recovery. This is how to fix it with SoupKit by Soupmagnet from xda developers forum! Message me for details.

Link to SoupKit:

Link to Ubuntu USB installer:

How to understand how terminal works in ubuntu! Helpful guide:

i will be making a better video later but this is to get you by until now. Please comment for help.

First Step:
Try this before you try my video. My video is like a last resort! My videos work so if you want to skip straight to my method then go for it.

CAUTION: If your kindle Fire is stuck on the logo screen and its orange then you messed up while rooting your device. This is most likely why you are here now! During rooting you were SUPPOSED to install Fire Fire Fire which is your RECOVERY mode and also this is what turns your logo blue on start up screen. If you do not install Fire Fire Fire, you will brick your device!

Second Step: Get Ubuntu at: then click on the link above the instructions: so then under these instructions on the new page that popped up, you want to scroll down until you see a blue box/line with an arrow that says in big letters: Download UUI (WARNING: YOU MUST HAVE A USB FLASH DRIVE CONNECTED TO YOUR COMPUTER VIA USB -- SAVE THIS FILE ONTO THAT USB FLASH DRIVE!!)
* Once you saved the file onto the USB FLASH DRIVE go BACK to this link: and follow the directions on how to proceed. MAKE SURE THAT ONCE YOU CHOOSE YOUR VERSION OF UBUNTU DESKTOP, you click the tiny box next to it that says " Download the iso (optional). This is NOT AN OPTIONAL STEP FOR YOU!! YOU MUST CLICK THAT TINY BOX!!! After you download the ISO it will download to your desktop, if it doesn't save there, make sure it does. Once the iso is download click the Browse button on the Universal Installer thing and look for the iso you just downloaded to your desktop. IF THE ISO DOESN'T SHOW UP, WHICH IT DIDN'T FOR ME, JUST START TYPING: précise-desktop...and it should pop up! Now create your zip file and extract it within the USB FLASH DRIVE.

Third Step: With your FLASH DRIVE still connected to the computer, restart your computer, press f12, f8, f-whatever your computer does so you can start up through the USB instead of your normal startup through the computer.

Forth Step: Once you have now started up your computer into Ubuntu through your flash drive, you will open up a browser and download Soupkit:

Fifth Step: In Ubuntu there will be a file/search thing at the top right. Click on it and search for something called terminal (Ubuntu's version of command prompt):Now you will enter something along these lines in the command prompt/terminal: type this: ls (press enter) ls desktop (press enter) cd desktop (press enter) ls (press enter) cd soupkit (press enter) ls ./ (press enter) message error, open file called bin drag and drop into bin, open it through bin. Documents ls (press enter) cd documents (press enter) cd bin (press enter) ls (press enter) ./ (press enter) ls (press enter) cd desktop (press enter) ls (press enter) cd soupkit (press enter) ls (press enter) ./ (press enter) press 1 (wait) press 2 (then reboot computer and go back into Ubuntu and now plug in kindle fire into a usb. Go back to terminal. ls (press enter) cd desktop (press enter) ls (press enter) cd soupkit (press enter) ls (press enter) ./soupkitutility (press enter) press 1 (press enter) hold down kindle fire power button, again and again until it starts up! Install TWRP and fire fire fire.

Now that the kindle fire is unbricked. Hopefully. That last step was a little cray cray so make sure to watch the video for correct instructions!