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The eggs that people eat are the unfertilized eggs that hens ovulate.
A wild hen lays between 10-15 eggs per year. Domesticated hen has been bred over time to lay around 260 - 300 eggs each year. That’s about 20 times more than they would naturally.

This genetic manipulation results in many fatal disorders of their reproductive organs and their bones. Since hens utilise the calcium in their bones to produce eggs, hens get severe osteoperosis. They become prisoners inside their own bodies.

If given the chance hens like to eat their own eggs which allows them to regain the calcium & nutrition that they have lost whilst making the eggs.

Many people believe that animals aren’t killed in egg production, but in fact thousands of new born male chicks are killed every day by the egg industry.

Mother hens are naturally really protective of their nests, they sometimes go without food to protect their chicks. Hens used for breeding for the egg industry have their unhatched eggs stolen from them & the chicks never see their mothers.

The unhatched eggs are taken to Industrial hatcheries where they are incubated in metal drawers. When the scared baby chicks are born they chirp endlessly for their mothers.

At just a few days old the female chicks are debeaked with a hot blade to prevent them from pecking each other, which they do out of frustration when they are kept in intensive confinement. It’s a painful experience as their beaks are very sensitive.
Free Range or cage free
Years ago, I used to feel alright about buying ‘Free Range’. I invisioned that the hens were outdoors amougst the trees and free to roam in grassy fields. I imaged it was like the image on the eggbox.
The title Free range makes it sound as if the birds are actually free in some way, but legally there is no definition for ‘free range’

In free range farms thousands of hens are kept inside a single barn, they live in amoungst their excrement where illness & disease are rife. They often never get to see the sunlight or have access to the outdoors.

Whatever the label says, fresh, organic or free range all egg production involves the culling of male chicks, intense confinement & the hens being slaughtered after 18 months. Where there is money to be made they are treated as economic units.

I used to think keeping hens in your garden was an ideal, kinder solution, The problem is, unless the hens are rescued they will be coming from an industrial breeder that kills the male chicks. Furthermore the hens are still suffer health problems caused by the high volumes of eggs that they have been bred to lay. Keeping chickens in exchange for eggs only perpetuates the mentality that animals belong to us, and they must provide us with goods in order for us to appreciate them. When in reality they are sentient individuals with their own purposes in life.

Never has there been more scientific research on the effects of animal foods & our health. Eggs contain significant amounts of fat & cholesterol, which promotes heart disease, athlerosclerosis, erectile disfunction, strokes and more.. According to the pysicians committee of responsible medicine We don’t not need to consume dietary cholesterol since our bodies already produce it. Eating a variety of plant foods will help to raise your good cholesterol.

The Harvard nurses health study -a 35 year long study showed that eating a single egg a day would cut a womans life short as much as smoking 5 cigarettes a day for 15 years!

Giving up eggs does not mean that you must give up you favourite foods. Instead of scrambled eggs you could eat some tofu scamble, or an omelette made with chickpea flour, you could make some incredible hard boiled or fried vegan eggs. There are so many egg replacers out there to use for baking cakes, or you could simply use a mashed banana or some, ground flax seeds & water some water. The possibilities are endless and will be better for your health in the long run.

Cutting out eggs will improve your health, it will benefit animals and will reduce your impact on the environment.