Download: Nothing But Love ♪ ~ Jasmine ♥ Sinbad {Non/Disney Crossover}

By CCK95


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HD to see the love ツ

A 2 min long Disney crossover! Yay *Throws confetti*
Don't know if the vid itself is worth to celebrate, but yeah..

This is a video I've had in mind for a long time, but never had the energy to do it. But here it is, and I hope you like it!

Story/Scenario ~

Sinbad is a pirate who attacks the royal ships which Jasmine travels with. He kidnappes her and takes her with him on his ship. They don't get along so well, But soon Sinbad realises that he likes the annoying princess.
When they are on the streets in Agrabah, Jasmine gets caught stealing a apple and the salesman wants to punish her - but Sinbad comes in and saves her. Back on the ship they starts to talk and they both starts to fall in love with each other. Sinbad even asks her about her home, Syracuse, and she tells him that she misses it.
Soon Jasmine wakes up in her own room, and a young worker in the palace tells her about the trial - where Sinbad is sentenced to death for kidnapping the Princess. [He turned himself in because he wants to be a good person for Jasmine]
Jasmine tells her father the same night that she loves Sinbad, and he promises to fix it. Soon Sinbad is free, and he and Jasmine lives happily ever after..


Or something like that. Sorry for the crappy story. I don't think I'm good at writing things like this.

I hope you enjoyed it ♥

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