Download: [DjDashie]-Under Our Spell (Speedpaint)

By DJDashie


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LAST UPDATE: Alright guys, I get it, the drawing is awful but I was still learning at this time. By then, I have improved so much so if you would like to see my better art, here is my art blog:
Please remember to never bash somebody on how they draw, but instead give some criticism, not hate, because everyone starts somewhere.

*UPDATE SINCE..okay- No I don't deserve 3 freaking million*
I have disabled comments.
That is all. And please, I am learning still, I will redraw this when I have the chance
Thank you to the people who are backing me up on this, It means alot.
I know that it is not my best at all, BUT IM LEARNING. Im not gonna be the best first time 'round.
So stop hating please, You can do better things with your life.
But thank you for the million!
Even though I didn't want this one to get it but still, good to have the numbers...right?
Hello everypony!
DjDashie here with a new human speedpaint for the new Equestria Girls Movie that came out!!
I personally love the Dazzlings because I love the idea of sirens,
And I wanted to try drawing the concepts of them, they looked really fun to draw! (Sorry if its not good im still trying to draw humans)
Plus I thought this movie was better...WAAAYYYY better compared to the first one. Sooo enjoy!~
Djdashie out!~

Anyway I can make this better? Tell me in the comments!
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Dont if you dont!