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10. Uljana Semjonova:
Tallest Women in the World
Latvian Uljana Semjonova was a well known basketball player during 1970-80. She had been a fantastic player and was known for her amazing performance. She has about 6 ft and 6 inches height and is one of the most remarkable females in the world.
9. Gitika Srivastava:
Tallest Women in the World
Guitikia Srivastava with 6 ft and 8 inches height is an Indian female. She was another basketball player and owns gigantic winning power. Her love for her family led her become a complete housewife but she is still reminded by her fans.
8. Malee Duangdee:
Tallest Women in the World
Malee Duangdee, with 6 ft 10 inch height is a beautiful young girl of Thailand. It is said that a tumor complication in her body made Malee a gigantic woman and she attained this much height. She is now recovered and is living her life happily.
7. Yao Defen:
Tallest Women in the World
Yao Defen has claimed to have 7 ft and 8 inches height and weighs about 180 kilograms. She is, no doubt, one of the tallest females in the world who got this much height due to a physical abnormality.
6. Sandy Allen:
Tallest Women in the World
Sandy Allen is, so far, the one and only lady whose name is written in Guinness Book of World Records. She got this fame during 1976 to be one of the tallest women in the world. She had 7′ 8¼ ” height.
5. Malgorzata Dydek:
Tallest Women in the World
Malgorzata Dydek was born in USA. She became a famous basketball player during her young age. More than this what made her a well known female is her gigantic personality. She has 7’11” height.
4. Zainab Bibi:
Tallest Women in the World
While making the list of tallest women in the world, we can never forget to enlist the name of Zainab Bibi. She belongs to Pakistan but currently residing in UK. She has claimed that her gigantic personality made him a promising and dominating female of Pakistan. She is 7ft and 13 inches high.
3. Heather Greene:
Tallest Women in the World
Heather Greene has 7 ft and 14 inches height and is a pretty cool female. She belongs to United States of America and is smart looking. Heather says that she takes good care of her healthy and want to keep her pride of being a tall lady of the town high and high all the time.
2. Caroline Welz:
Tallest Women in the World
She is the tallest female of Germany and one of the tallest women in the world. She is only 23 years old but her gigantic personality made her recognized the world over. She has 7′ 13″ height.
1. Rita Miniva Besa:
Tallest Women in the World

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