Download: Path of Exile: Currency Farming Guide - How to Farm For Currency Drops

By ZiggyD Gaming


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In this Path of Exile video I talk about farming for currency drops in Path of Exile. I'm not going to say 'x' is the bests spot for farming currency though, instead I'll give you the knowledge and tools you need to find the best spot for you to farm up as much wealth as possible, as efficiently as possible. See below for notes!

3 Ways of Obtaining Currency:
- Finding items that can be Traded for Currency
- Finding ingredients for vendor recipies
- Actual Currency Drops

3 things that affect how quickly you can farm currency items:
- Farming/clear speed
- increased item quantity modifiers (one of PoE's 2 magic find stats)
- level based drop penalties.

Farming speed is almost always the number one priority in any RPG for any sort of wealth building farming.
- move speed
- Kill speed (clearing easier content + Effective DPS)
- survivability & Sustain
- efficient practices (clearing large groups and skipping single targets)
- zone mob density

Increased item quantity (IIQ)
- chance that something will drop including currency
- only doesnt affect map drop chance
- IIQ is given to you through party bonuses, mob bonuses, area bonuses on maps and gear bonuses. For the purposes of pure currency farming the main one is gear bonuses.
- stack as much you can without harming your farming speed.

Drop Penalties
- PoE allows end game currency to drop anywhere so there needs to be a penalty for farming content you are way overlevelled for
- drop penalty kicks in when your level exceeds zone monster level by more than 2 levels.
- the penalty is 2.5% per level after that 2 level buffer. so if you are level 30 in a level 20 area you'll see a 20% decrease in currency drop rates.
- There is a roof to this however. Level 68 is the maximum considered character level. at level 100 you are still considered level 68. So that means no matter your level you will always have a 100% drop rate in zones level 66 and higher. ie the map system.

- Drop penalties can essentially be counteracted by IIQ mods so that you can farm lower levels quickly, and this may be the most efficient option for most people.
- For pure currency drops the best place to farm is probably going to be the highest level zone where you can kill mobs in one or two hits.