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Keratocysts as tumors rather than cysts) Liver cystic disease Meibomian cyst (eyelid) Mucoid cyst (ganglion cysts of the digits) Mucous cyst of the oral mucosa Nabothian cyst (cervix) Nasolabial duct cyst Odontogenic cyst (teeth) Ovarian cyst (ovaries, functional and pathological) Pancreatic cyst Paradental cyst Parapelvic cyst (kidney)[3] Paratubal cyst (fallopian tube) Periapical cyst - This cyst, also known as radicular cyst, is the most common odontogenic cyst Pericardial cyst[4] Peritoneal cyst (lining of the abdominal cavity) Pilar cyst (cyst of the scalp) Pilonidal cyst (skin infection near tailbone) Renal cyst (kidneys) Polycystic ovary syndrome Pineal gland cyst Radicular cyst - associated with the roots of non-vital teeth, also known as periapical cyst Residual cyst Sebaceous cyst - sac below skin Spermatocele (testicle) Stafne static bone cyst (An anatomic variant with radiographic cystic appearance in the posterior mandible) Tarlov cyst (spine) Trichilemmal cyst -- Same as a pilar cyst. A familial cyst of the scalp. Vocal fold cyst

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