Download: Growtopia Easter - WickEr10 Grabbed My Eggs - HOT POTATO

By HeroVange


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Growtopia Easter - WickEr10 Grabbed My Eggs - HOT POTATO

In this HOT POTATO we talk about people who bash other people for trying to make a profit. Gaining profit isn't bad. As long as it's done through legitimate methods and it stays within the boundaries of the rules set by Growtopia, thinking up of different ways to make profit isn't bad. People shouldn't be allowed to bash players for thinking up of creative ways to make profit (ex. Growtoken worlds, PVP betting, Casinos). As long as it's NOT a scam/drop game/hacking why shouldn't it be perceived as a GOOD THING? My take on this is people who thought up of those amazing things are tons more creative than people who just follow the norm (farming... which is boring).

Another thing that doesn't make sense to me is why Seth has stopped automated worlds from getting growtokens. For me, automated worlds are actually a creative and awesome world type. Whoever thought of that must've been very creative and hard working because making something like that would've taken tons of testing. I don't understand why our community is punishing players for veering outside of the common world types. There's already tons of adventure-parkour worlds and a lot of them have won WOTDs. PVPs (pillar, dragon gate, sumo, etc.)/game pack worlds/casinos/hospitals/deer hunt/automated parkour and other world types RARELY get WOTDs. That is a fact that also doesn't make sense to me. Why would you suppress creativity in a game like Growtopia? This game allows players to project whatever they can think up with their beautiful minds. Why not let them go wild with their creations?

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Growtopia Easter - WickEr10 Grabbed My Eggs - HOT POTATO

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