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Escape From Uganda (2013) is a Malayalam action movie. Directed by Rajesh N. Nair. Starring Vijay Babu, Rima Kallingal, Joju George, Parthiban, Mukesh Wawuyo, Anita Kyarimpa and others. There are a few Malayalam movies which are being shot in foreign countries and destinations. Escape of Uganda is the first Malayalam film that had shot in Uganda. Like the title saying the movie is about the escaping of an innocent woman, who was being framed as culprit in a murder case. The adventurous escape plan and it's execution. Yes it's a movie with international adventure sequences. In some instances we may feel it as a Bollywood cinematography. Cudose to it's Director and cinematographer. Indian is a Democratic country, so everything is bounded by rules and regulations. But in some African countries it's reverse. Even if such countries has a constitution and law, the drug and criminal mafia are the prime rulers. In this movie we may see some thing like that. Shikha Samuel & Jayakrishnan are couples who ran from Kerala to Uganda. The reason was her father. He was against her affair. Since he was so powerful they had left no other choice. The rest is happening in Uganda. Their daughter is Meenakshi. Shikha is a professionally a Fashion designer. Samuel is an Engineer. Firoz is their family friend in Uganda and close friend. Her family is in Kerala. he is professionally lawyer. Angel is Shikha's friend. Her friend is Arora, who's father is Uganda city mayor. Both are work in a casino. Carlose Kennady is the underworld don in Uganda. Still the law order have no idea about him or his where abouts.
Movie starts in this charactor line up. In the first part we may see the couple have going with a good family life with their 10 year old daughter. Samuel manages to get a job as a manager is cofee shop with the help of Gautham. Upon the interest of Angel Shikha has joined as the fashion designer with her. So both having a feasible job and a good house. But everything changed unexpectedly. Angel & Arora were the girl friends of Carlose Kennady. One day he gave shine a diamond bag worth 9 Million dollar. He wanted it to be stitched in a Dress for smuggling. But they planned to escaped with that Diamond. Angel assigned Shrikha to do the designing with it, but she don't told her that it's diamond. In the evening she gone to her home with the dress work. But she found her shot and dying. Next day police came to Shrikha's home and take her to custody for as the suspect for murdering Angel & Aroa. The romantic life of Samuel & Shrikha came into a pause. Firoz assured him to get her out, but the Mayor was intentionally slowing down the trials. One night a man called Antony has saved Samuel and child from a bunch of criminals. In the very next they met in a cafetheria too. He said he is also an ex prisoner. But he escaped from it. If Samuel want her ife back the only way is to escape from prison and to fly off from Uganda. He demanded money fro helping him out. Samuel gave him everything he had. He set a plan, first was to steal a medicine truch which had the contract with prison. Shrikha had to inject a sleeping poison to get her admitted to the jail hospital and to escape through a tunnel which stars from hospital underground.ANd get get out in the truck in to the Airport. Mean while Martin Morais is assigned as the new officer in charge of investigation. He questioned Samuel. Finally the day of Escape arrived. So will their tactics win? Will they escape from Uganda? or the destiny is cruel as usual? find out, watch this fabulous movie.

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