Download: GrimGrimoire ~ Fourth Day 05b-GP "Defense" (1/3)

By MasterLL


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[ GrimGrimoire ]
Fourth Day 05b
Gameplay Events "Defense" (1/3)

- This one is pretty tough because of you need to protect both bases from onslaught of attacks.

Your base has an advantage of having Elves to heal if you're in trouble, while Margarita's base doesn't have that.

So its best to have two dragons at her base to offset the lack of healing while having just one at your base (since the elves can heal the dragon).

Having 1-2 blackcats is a good idea too in case the enemies send the dragon(s) which you can easily sleep them.

Overall, this just shows how powerful dragons are... expensive and extremely slow... BUT their power and lack of weakness just makes them really good (Sleep and Psychic Storms are probably the only two things you should worry about when you use dragons).

Last, I thought I beaten the game in the 30minute timer.. but didn't know there was one more rune at the top right sadly..

System: PS3 [PSN-PS2]
Gameplay: 1st
Rank: Normal

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