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Titel of Movie : Rahasya The Bhoutik
Language : Bengali
Genre : Drama, Romance, Suspence
Producer : Ramesh Pimple
Director : Sanghamitra Choudhuri
Story : Ramesh Pimple
Music Director : Debashis Chowdhuri
Cinematography : D Deb (Mumabi)
Playback : Goutam Aditya, Debojit Saha, Dipwanita, Anulekha, Tintin, Debashis, Sidhartha
Year : 2010
Cast : Soham Chakraborty
Debasree Roy
Swarna Kamal Dutta
Abhishek Chatterjee
Sumit Ganguly

Synopsis :
"Rahasya narrates a story with an urban back drop where a commendable chemical engineer with all his dark believes- falls prey to the world of Black Magic and Occult Art. It's a story of his wife- Nandana's - to be or not to be in this world. It is about belief- of spirits and Ghosts, whether they really exist or not - and how our lives get shattered by such belief.
Dip and Nandana are a young married who stay in a multi storied complex. On New Year's Eve, both of them are drunk and there is a heated argument during which he flings her over the balcony. The next day the body is discovered and soon after dip becomes unconscious. He constantly tells everyone Nandana is alive but everyone thinks he is mad. Inspector Pramanik starts investigating the case and finds a few loopholes. Dip constantly looks out for Nandana and he is arrested on charges of murdering her. He gets very violent and soon he is sent to a mental asylum. The security guard spots Nandana from time to time and one day he spots her in the balcony at night and calls Inspector Pramanik immediately. He arrives with his men and manages to enter the house and spots Nandana.She pushes him and runs into the room. Inspector goes after her and finds Nandana, Sunetra (the doctor staying in the adjacent flat), the secretary and Maya in that room. A secret entrance through a cupboard led into Sunetra's flat and all of them are part of the plot. All of them are arrested, except Nandana who wants to meet Dib. When she goes to meet him, he pushes her through the balcony and she is believed to be dead. She resurfaces on her birthday and it turns out that she hadn't died, but was only injured and later arrested. After coming out from jail, she has come back.".

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