Download: Mane 6 reads Cupcakes | MLP Comic Dub | 1k Sub Special

By Vannamelon


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FINALLY! After 2-4 months in production, this comic is FINALLY finished! Phew!

A magical book called 'Cupcakes' has sprung into Ponyville. Although it's title sounds sweet and tasty, the contents speak of a pink familiar killer on one bloody baking mission. When Twilight takes a hold of this grimdark book, it appears to be teleporting itself for new victims to horrify! The gang's gotta catch up with this murderous-story book before it spooks the main victim in the story!

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This comic was the FIRST comic I've wanted to dub since January, and it's been sitting in my computer for quite some time. I've recently kicked it going, but due to some recent events, it was hard for me to get ahold of it. FINALLY, after my hours of nit-picking the sound effects and lines, IT'S DONE! And just in time for my 1,000 subscribers, too!

"Smile Smile Smile!" Ending Piano Cover:

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, AJ, Fluttershy -
Vannamelon (Me!)

Twilight Sparkle - Ril

Rarity - 2Dcrazy

Spike, BG ponies - Fuzzysockpuppetz (My sister!)

Derpy - (Audio) Mindlessgonzo
Audio clip from his video:

Please subscribe to them all! They've helped me all so much, and I cannot thank them enough!

I'm awestruck over the number. 1,000? I'm surprised my work is even worth that big of a support.

Before I created my 'Vannamelon' account, I had no inspiration to work on any vocal talent. Voice acting was my interest and tiny hobby, but I kept it as a secret and never brought it up. To MANY - my shy personality didn't seem to fit the 'voice acting' career-type, so no one would have guessed. When hiding my interest, I never persuaded in trying to voice act, even though it was my dream. But I made this account on a Halloween in 2010, just in case I had second-thoughts and had founded the right time to express my voice acts.

All of this changed once I began watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

It wasn't just the great teaching, funny lines and clever animation from the show that inspired me. It was the cute, funny and awesome ponies from the show. More importantly, their elements. I loved the idea that these friendship traits portray these ponies and how much of a big role these elements play in each episode. And so, I instantly fell in love with these cute fillies. (mostly Pinkie Pie!) As I drew closer to the show, I learned about the bronies. So many voice actors, musicians, artists and writers take love to the show with their own work as an inspiration. The minute I discovered this, I was DYING to take notice in the fandom. I wanted to join the brony madness and FINALLY express my secret voice acting talent.

On that fall in 2011, all of my inspiration had suddenly shot up. I had finally gathered up all of the confidence and pride I could EVER muster. One awesome idea was in my head based on this pony show, and my heart grew fast over the excitement to begin recording for the first time. But I had no practice in impersonating the ponies - what if they don't like my voice? What if I was terrible, I thought? But this idea was too good to let go of, and I did my best to brush these worries aside. Grabbing an old microphone, I waited for everyone to leave the house and in my blue pajamas and Mario shirt, I recorded my best impressions of a pink and rainbow pony. Nervously, I edited with whatever I knew on Audacity, crossed my fingers and uploaded it for the internet to see.

My goal was to NOT be famous on Youtube, but to just only express my talent. "I probably won't even get noticed in the brony fandom", I thought. "That doesn't matter, but I DO hope for maybe a tiny-bit of recognition with .. maybe with 10 or 15 subs.."

And now I'm here on my 1,000 subscriber mark.
All thanks to magical ponies who teach about friendship.

A big thank you to everypony who's supported my work and helped me get this far. This is why I appreciate each person who comments on my work; wither its constructive criticism or plain out Pinkie Pie-style random. The idea of others acknowledging my work in any form is something I love very much. I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for these amazing bronies who stepped into my life.

Here's to many more!