Download: Stannis Baratheon: Complete Soundtrack Collection (GoT Season 2 — 5)

By Fegelein


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ALL Stannis Baratheon and associated Lord of Light soundtracks from Game of Thrones Season 2 through Season 5 cut into a single complete collection. This collection includes mostly unreleased soundtracks, stings and themes that I’ve done my best to isolate and include alongside the official OST releases in chronological order.

This is as complete as it will get. You’ve got 95% of all Stannis Baratheon related tracks. The ones not included (some Brotherhood scenes, and some Melisandre scenes) simply aren’t salvageable with the files I have. Sometimes there’s fire burning in the scene that spoils any effort to isolate the soundtrack, and sometimes there are other technical difficulties I can’t work around. Luckily, there are no major tracks missing. And there are a few bonus tracks I’ve included at request to make up for it – such as Beric vs. The Hound.

If you notice something missing? No harm in asking where it's at, there’s probably a reason why I’ve left it out.


0:00 The Fire Burns Them All Away
0:48 King Stannis Is My God
2:30 A Son?
3:55 The Parley I
4:22 The Parley II
5:45 Cleaner Ways Don't Win Wars
6:40 The Shadow I
7:55 The Shadow (Credits)
9:09 The Shadow II
11:14 Hard Truths Cut Both Ways
12:09 Warrior of Light
13:43 Wildfire
16:27 Thousands
17:07 Don't Die With A Clean Sword
20:23 Get The Ladders Up
20:56 Stand And Fight
23:00 The Night Is Dark I
24:10 The One True King Of Westeros
24:43 Do This For Me
25:00 Thought You Were Dead
25:23 A Mother Of Demons
25:40 I Will Never Abandon You
26:37 The Night Is Dark II
28:17 Beric Dondarrion vs. The Hound
31:10 At The Beginning
31:30 We Come As Friends
32:09 Your Father's House
32:53 Half Robert, Half Lowborn
33:57 A Great Battle In The Snow
35:13 A Darkness That Will Swallow The Dawn
38:49 I Will Not Forgive That
40:13 You Don't Deny It?
42:32 He Disobeyed
43:34 There Is Only One Hell
44:01 Someone Elses History Book
44:30 I Need You To Write A Message
45:17 The Iron Bank Of Braavos
46:10 The Lord Needs Her
46:44 The King Who Cared
49:55 R'hllor Shows Me Only Snow
51:08 The King At The Wall
52:23 Kneel For No Man
57:04 You Are My Daughter
57:30 We March At Sunrise
58:56 Only Forward
1:00:24 We're Not Returning to Castle Black
1:00:54 Forgive Me
1:04:17 Onto Winterfell
1:05:58 The Wars To Come
1:10:06 Do Your Duty
1:11:06 It's Not Their Fight
1:12:00 It's Always Summer Under The Sea