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By Konan Yutaka


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Naruto's Birth (ナルトの出生, Naruto no Shusshō)
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Naruto confronts Dark Naruto again. Naruto defeats him by accepting the darkness within himself. After Naruto awakens, Killer B leads him to a cave behind the Falls of Truth. B states that Naruto will fight the Nine-Tails inside the a temple-like structure.

When Naruto meets his mother, Kushina, in his subconscious, he at first thinks that she is the Nine-Tails' true form, which causes Kushina to angrily clobber Naruto on the head. She apologises to Naruto for her short temper and expresses her hope that Naruto had not inherited that from her. Picking on this, when Naruto realises who Kushina is, he hugs her and cries with joy, his overflowing happiness, neutralising the Nine Tails' hatred. The Nine-Tails is shocked when it recognises Kushina's chakra when she restrains it with her chakra chains. Naruto wants to know how Kushina and his father met, to which she bashfully tells him. After telling her story, Kushina tells Naruto that she loves him, much to his surprise then happiness, and when she playfully asks Naruto what is the product of the "Yellow Flash" and the "Red Hot-Blooded Habanero", he proudly responds that he is "Konoha's Orange Hokage".

Kushina's words cause Naruto to feel at peace, which makes the Nine-Tails' hatred recede. Naruto makes several shadow clones, and uses several variants of the Rasengan to push the fox back, allowing him to pull out all of its chakra. After obtaining the Nine-Tails' chakra, Naruto's seal takes a new shape, the chakra takes the form of the Sage of Six Paths. Naruto uses the key to close the seal, re-caging the fox. Kushina reveals that she is the previous jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails.

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