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instructor: monk Yongzhi, from Shaolin temple

Shaolin kung fu small flood form (小洪拳: xiao hong quan):

- 'strategy': the saying is "conceal from the sky to cross the sea (瞒天过海)." advancement puts you in range of opponent's counterattacks. you should not be open and exposed to opponent's attacks. keep covering your attacking limbs, your head, chest, stomach, and other vital parts while advancing and even retreating. this involves continuous flow, like a flood, of sweeping moves of the arms and even sometimes the legs covering the main actions of the body while attacking and defending, advancing and retreating. meanwhile, do not consider these sweeping moves as mere defensive covers, but "pilfer a goat on the way (顺手牵羊)," i.e., seize opportunities to make them cooperate as attacks as well. these are the main tactics of Shaolin flood style.

- 'history': in the final few years of the Jin dynasty (1115-1234), monk Jueyuan (觉远) got permission of grand monk Hongwen (洪温) to collect new information from across the country. in Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu province, he met master Li Sou (李叟), who came to Shaolin together with his son and master Bai Yufeng (白玉峰) from Luoyang city at Jueyuan's invitation. Li Sou and his son were masters of a local hong quan style. they had a long hong quan form—which is still practiced at some areas around Shaolin under its original name big hong quan or as old-frame hong quan. during their stay at Shaolin, they made a smaller version of this form by combining their style with internal and external styles of Shaolin temple, and this form was called the 'small hong quan'.
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