Download: Wreck It Ralph - Best Scene

By JaguaR


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The best part from Wreck It Ralph - when Ralph meets Vanellope :)
Vanellope is adorable :)

RALPH: Sugar Rush? Oh no, this is that candy go-kart game over by the Whack-A-Mole. I got to get out of here.
RALPH: No! No-no-no-no-no-NO! My medal!
VANELLOPE: Hi mister!
RALPH: Man! You scared me, kid! I nearly soiled myself!
VANELLOPE: What's your name?
RALPH: Ralph, Wreck-it Ralph.
VANELLOPE: You're not from here, are you?
RALPH: No, well, yeah, I mean not from right in this area. But I'm just doing some work here.
VANELLOPE: What kind of work?
RALPH: Some routine candy-tree trimming. You probably want to stand back. In fact, this whole area is technically closed while we're trimmin' so--
VANELLOPE: Who's we?
RALPH: Candy-tree department.
VANELLOPE: Ah. Where is everybody else?
RALPH: Oh, it's just me, today.
VANELLOPE: So, you just meant like the royal we?
RALPH: Yup. That's right.
VANELLOPE: Are you a hobo?
RALPH: No, I am not a hobo. But I am busy, so you go, go home.
VANELLOPE: What's that? I didn't hear you. Your breath is so bad, it made my ears numb.
RALPH: Listen, I try to be nice--
VANELLOPE (mimicking him): I try to be nice.
RALPH: You're mimicking me.
VANELLOPE (still mimicking): You're mimicking me.
RALPH: Okay, that is rude, and this conversation is over.
VANELLOPE (still mimicking): That is rude and this conversation is....hahaha. (watching him) I wouldn't grab that branch if I were you. It's a double stripe.
RALPH: I'm from the candy-tree department. I know exactly--
VANELLOPE: Double stripes break, ga-doi. Hey, why are your hands so freakishly big?
RALPH: Uh, I dunno. Why are you so freakishly annoying?
VANELLOPE: Well, why are you so freakishly--
Just then, she notices the glistening medal.
VANELLOPE (CONT'D): Sweet mother of monkey milk! A gold coin!
RALPH: Don't even think about it. That is mine.
VANELLOPE: Race you for it!
RALPH: I don't have to race you for it, because it's mine.
Grabs a double stripe. DING! It BREAKS!
VANELLOPE: Double stripe!
RALPH: Come back here! Give it back, give it, give it!
VANELLOPE: The winner! Whoa!
VANELLOPE (CONT'D): Double stripe!
RALPH: Aahhh! Nooooooo!
VANELLOPE: Thank you.
RALPH: Look, wait. Let me talk to you for one second. Here's the thing, I'm not from the candy tree department.
VANELLOPE: Lying to a child. Shame on you, Ralph.
RALPH: But I wasn't lying about the medal. That is my medal. That's why I was climbing the tree. It's mine. It's precious to me.
Vanellope polishes the medal, admiring it.
RALPH (CONT'D): That thing's my ticket to a better life.
VANELLOPE: Yeah, well now it's my ticket.
Vanellope glitches.
RALPH: What the...?
VANELLOPE: See ya, chump.
RALPH: Come back! I'll find you! I will find you!
VANELLOPE: Double stripe!
RALPH: Nowhere to hide!