Download: How to make a fun homemade arrow (hd)

By Brayden Casse


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This video shows you one out of many ways you can make an arrow out of "possible" stuff laying around your house. There are tons of different ways to make an arrow, some better than others, I just found this to be a fun relaxing project you can make when you are bored and its really easy and works pretty well.

In the beginning of the video I list a bunch of items that "I" used to make this arrow, nothing bugs me more then a video where someone makes something and doesn't tell you what they used to get what they got. Yes a lot of the items are unnecessary but you can do whatever you would like to your arrow to make it suit you! Have fun and be SAFE!

Hey guys! This arrow can be made many different ways, I used a bamboo stick just for the sake of the video but I recommend a nice dense wood dowel to get the best performance out of the arrow. Also when you make your duct tape feathers make sure to give them a little twist before you put the tape on them just to make it spiral a little better. Another cool suggestion would be to use a little lead tape on the tip of the arrow that will make it weigh a little more towards the end and allow it to soar through the air a little better =) And yes a lot of this stuff was unnecessary and can be easily substituted with other items but this is what I had at the moment and I was hoping it would just give you guys some ideas on making your own style! anyways good luck guys comment if you have anymore ideas on how to make this arrow more affective