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Making this video, originally meant to serve as a censored version of some videos uploaded to my Dailymotion account/s: Dolphininsea - and from 2012 also MANTASTICMALES2012 - I discovered these clips and this lyrics together could make 3 short stories about the joy of being - and falling - in love. The first couple, Dolph and Phillipe, are at the stage where they know the relationship will last for a while. They have even moved in together, but are yet experiencing moments of intense love and lust, similar to when they first fell in love. The second couple are team mates on a basketball team, and at least one of them have had a serious relationship before, but realizes this new relationship is better and stronger - he has met the one. The third couple are at the early stage of falling in love, where they just can`t get enough of each other. But since this is Youtube, that is only illustrated by passionate kissing - nothing more. I really must thank the composer/s and lyricist/s of this song for providing me with such an easy script - and the group singing it - for doing that so brilliantly that every spoken word is easy to hear, An absolute necessity with this type of video, where the clips and the lyrics together creates the story. In addition to the 3 gay romance stories and the cheerfull and sweet pop tune, the video also contains alot of shirtless hunks and gay kisses. So homophobes be warned. Provided off course any such individuals - despite the video being called Gay Romance with Hot Kisses and Shirtless Hunks - has clicked his way in here. It would be kind of an odd thing to do. But denial make people do the craziest things, doesn`t it? Probably the major reason homophobes even excist? But back to this video. If you like the video, it would be very kind of you to let me know. Either by clicking like, or write a little comment - preferably both. And if you don`t like the video, and press dislike, I would also appreciate if you would add a comment explaining what you felt could have been better - or different. But use a civil tongue, please? People who only polute the comment box with hatred and agression, isn`t exactly mistaken for Mensa members, in my book. Thank you for choosing this video! I hope you will enjoy it?:-)