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Hey Guys, Bill here. I get a lot of people who contact me and want me to fly half way aroound the world to see big amazon river monsters. Frankly, I'm pretty skeptical about most of these and it takes a lot to get me out of the house. But when Steve Townson calls me and tells me he has found a new place to catch some of the biggest vampire fish in the world, you know there is no way I am staying home.

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Our journey took us to the heart of the Amazon - to a fantastic fishing lodge called Amazon Roosevelt. It’s called that because it sits right on the Roosevelt River — a river made famous by American President Teddy Roosevelt. His expedition with Cândido Rondon in 1913 was the first to explore this river and prove it a tributary of the Amazon river itself.


Today, Steve is heading out on his own expedition of sorts. I’m going along to record it and ask questions like where exactly are we going?

Steve: Well Bill me and my trusty guide cowboy are heading up to a beautiful but dangerous area called the Semauma Falls where they have some of the biggest vampire fish in the world.

BILL: Steve didn’t tell me that half the fun would be just getting to there…It was hard to believe that Roosevelt and Rondon traveled all this with only Canoes and paddles.

Not much later, we arrived at our fishing destination at Semauma Falls. To me it looked better suited for white water rafting & butterfly catching - but hey what do I know.

I was like Steve are you kidding me? How can anything see your bait in water like this? But no sooner did I say that than Steve had a strike… and something big was on the line.

STEVE: And he has himself a payara (vampire fish).

BILL: I think he’s going to need a bigger fishing rod.

Steve fought the fish for over 25 minutes but eventually brought it in the with help of Cowboy.

STEVE: Wow, look at that beast! This is the biggest Payara I have ever caught.

Weighing the fish, Steve is excited to learn it weighs 21 Lbs!

BILL : — Wow thanks Steve… You said they were big and you weren’t kidding. I still can’t get over those teeth… yikes! And you caught 3 more of those monsters before lunch! Now that is what I call a good fishing spot!

Steve lifts a beer. "Cheers old boy."

BILL: And now, for you guys who watched the whole video… guess what? I have two t-shirts to giveaway from the Amazon Roosevelt… That’s right, two of the very same t-shirts you see the guides wearing in the video.

Hey, even f you’re not a fisherman, you can wear them to the beach!

I have one large and one smal and they will be given out on first come, first serve basis. All you have to do is be the first two people to write “Rio Roosevelt has the biggest Vampire Fish” in the comment section below.

Good Luck!