Download: How to CLONE Any Pokemon on ORAS OR XY**NO HACKS**

By PokeTrix


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2 3DS consoles

Step 1- choose pokemon that you want to clone

Step 2- go to the 3ds that doesn't have the pokemon you want to
clone and call the 3DS that has the pokemon to a trade.

Step 3- Accept trade and wait for it to load

Step 4- offer the pokemon you want to clone

Step 5- go to the other DS and choose a pokemon that you don't mind sacrificing

Step 6- Trade the pokemon and wait until blue screen appears

Step 7- When blue screen appears ,wait 4.5 seconds and press the power button on the 3DS that had the pokemon you want to clone *USING A STOPWATCH MAY HELP FOR BEGINNERS*

Step 8- *MOST IMPORTANT* wait for a black screen to appear after waiting for about 30 seconds. Remember, even if a black screen appears doesn't mean you have successfully cloned 100%
These occurences tell you that you have failed to clone.
*White screen*
*Black screen pops up right after you pressed the power button*

Step 9- Load up both consoles and check to see if the pokemon is there on both consoles

Step 10- Enjoy you're cloned Pokemon and keep using this method **if you want too** until Nintendo or game freak patches it.
If you failed, keep trying and eventually, you will master the cloning process. PATIENCE IS KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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