Download: Shut Up Flower Boy Band ♥ Do Il & Woo Kyung

By mrsdarcy27


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HD makes it better ♥

SUFBB fanvid or Lee Hyun Jae face appreciation video? *raises eyebrow* you decide :)

Ok, besides the fact that I melt every time he comes onscreen, there is literally not one Do Il/Woo Kyung video in all of youtube T_T ... That is just UNacceptable. I cannot be the only person who ships them, I mean come on, the hairdresser and the drummer/ganster son? *love!*

In all seriousness though, I know a lot of people find her clinging to Ji Hyuk annoying and to be fair she spent three years of her life loving him and it's not like he told her any different, he just didn't say anything which infuriated me. And then there's Do Il, also a fan of not saying anything. I mean, what's a girl to do? Granted, if she doesn't react after 14 episodes, JH's refusals, and THE kiss I might just have to go through my laptop and smack her.

But yeah I made this because I love them. I'm a sucker for the little details like the fact that they rarely talk but he always finds a way to stand or sit besides her. That's one of the several *cough million* things I love about SUFBB. There's a lot of unspoken-ness and they don't always tell you everything up front and I think that makes the story a lot more interesting. Especially while watching and falling in love these group of characters.

I'll go into my love for this drama as a whole some other time lol. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the drama! ♥♥♥