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Sadiya, India - A swarm of giant deadly spiders invaded the town and started attacking & biting villagers. These highly aggressive spiders have no yet been identified and no one knows where they came from as nothing like this has been seen before in the area.

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Multiple groups of Indian arachnid experts have rushed to the town to help however they have been completely clueless as to what type of species these large venomous spiders are. Where did these dangerous new species of attacking spiders come from? Just how deadly are their spider bites?

The most horrific characteristic of these dangerous spiders is that they arrive in swarms and they jump on and attack anything that is moving near them. Several victims that have survived explained how the deadly spiders had no fear as they continued to latch onto the people after biting.

Black wishbone spiders...if anyone has updates on this story leave a comment here or on one of my social networks.

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