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By Solaito


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Patch 2.6 just got released and this new update brought a lot of cool new features to King of Thieves:
BECOME A KING OF KINGS! Get ready to compete for the title of King of Kings! Only one player in the world at a time can hold that title and wear the royal outfit!
KING OF KINGS MANTLE CLOTHING. King of Kings will be rewarded with the most powerful outfit in the game – mantle clothing and a crown. This outfit can be worn only by the current King of Kings and if one looses the title, the outfit is gone as well.
GODS OF THIEVERY LEAGUES. Thieves excitement about unique stones and challenges raise interest among their creators. Legendary gods of thievery wish to meet most worthy thieves in person and welcome them to the gods leagues!
NEW UNIQUE GEM. It is not known what new unique gem would be, but one thing for sure – the Feather Gem can be obtained no more. Don’t miss out on winning this one!
DUNGEON SOLUTION. Can’t find a solution to a dungeons defence and think it is unbeatable? We validate all the dungeons to be 100% beatable and you can check it yourself from now on. Solution replay is available now if you choose to quit attack before you reach the chest. But remember, you can not try on this dungeon after you’ve watched the solution!
FREE ORBS. Even more free orbs are available now! You may find this offer in the special tab of the bank window.

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