Download: UEF - Dinosaur Battle Royale (Collaboration with MatromX)

By Alp .K


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A huge thanks to MatromX for cooparating with me to make this animation of epic proportions. We spent so much effort and time on this, so we'd both be grateful if you left a like and commented! Thanks and please enjoy!

Links for Mobile Devices

DBR 1:

Dinosaur Model Credits:

Acrocanthosaurus by Alp .K (design by Manuelosaurus on deviantart)

Alectrosaurus Skin for Alioramus by Alp .K

Alioramus by Theropoda Entertainment

Ankylosaurus by MatromX

Carnotaurus by Spinosaurus fan

Edmontosaurus by Theropoda Entertainment

Raptor X 4 by Theropoda Entertainment

Styracosaurus by Theropoda Entertainment

Suchomimus Suchomimus65 edited by Alp .K

Triceratops by Theropoda Entertainment

Tyrannosaurus Hologram by Dinomorph3000