Download: If Rinoa had a voice, who should voice her?

By Jojo Van Kelly


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This is for Rinoa's fans who says that they wish she was in Dissidia Final Fantasy. THese Voice Actresses I chose could be perfect for Rinoa's voice. This is fake just so you know. And these are my comments

Sarah Gadon: She makes Rinoa rather pleasant, positive, and really youthful. I like her voice. She's my one of favourite actresses from Canada. Also, I hope she's the New Mary Jane in the new Spiderman.

Kristin Fairlie: Well for her, she does have a cute yet punkish voice that could suit Rinoa in a way. She however can make Rinoa sound like the character Little Bear. She's also Canadian Just like Sarah and Tara.

Christine Donlon: She reminds me of Cherami Leigh for some reason. Her real voice sounds very pleasant. Unlike her "Latvia" voice now. I assume her other dub works are better. Like Fruits Basket where she was Momiji Sohma back then.

Michelle Ruff: She will sound like Rukia hahaha. Then again, if she adds some Chi from Chobits with her real voice, She can Play Rinoa without us cringing or recognizing her. But yeah, Michelle Ruff can play Rinoa. Hopefully!!

Tara Strong: She's like everywhere! Anyways, her real voice gives her life. And she may sound like TS but I like Tara Strong's Iconic voice. I mean seriously, she would make a good Rinoa. Then again she would have to share voices with Rikku from FFX!

Cherami Leigh: She has a very cute voice. Though I don't want her to sound annoying so I wasn't sure. But you know, I'll like her anyway. I mean have you heard her in Fairy Tail??? She's a very good VA!!