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You are watching the compilation of some of the best vines from lizzza. lizzza is one of the top viners today. These vines are rated among the best as they have been revined and liked the most on Vine.

Some of the best vines from lizzza include:

Accidentally liking someone's old picture and then liking all of them so you don't look creepy..
Farty fartz.
Watch closely at my nose when I sleep... Stare at it
#deleting being bored in Burger King drive thru lol.
Weird girl sings opera #remake Trey Kennedy
On our way to DA party.. Me and mah lil momma
Best friends since day 1... But you haven't seen them in 12 years.
A girls laugh around guys vs. A girls laugh not around guys #probablyaremake #idksomanyvines
When Mexican men try to HOLLA.. No offense. I love Mexicans. And men.
I try to keep my vines as age appropriate as I can, which means no cursing. With all of these youngsters on vine nowadays..
If you're in a relationship, sometimes you wish you're single. When you're single, you want a relationship. Ups and downs to both!
When someone asks you to take a picture of them and the front camera is open. #nayourcameraisbrokenidontlooklikethat
I can't sing. So I wanna twinky.
All of a sudden you're Stitch..
#remake rip
Y'all be like..
I love old people.
Ladies, guys love an all natural girl.
I'm so classy.
I'm such a beautiful happy person.
You're not taking pics, stop the posing.
When you blame your siblings..
For you hoes that don't know what Versace is. And Versachi and Versacheese..
High pitched man with an accent and a Nutella addiction. #ilovenutella
When you think you have to sneeze.. And then you don't. Ya just look stupid.
What the hell did y'all do to the peace sign?
When you don't get a joke... And you look for someone who doesn't get it either.. But you keep laughing.
Please help these lost ducklings. #endtotheduckface #yeahimguiltytoololz
SAT tomorrow.. This is how I feel. Good luck to everyone taking it! #haveconfidence #letsdoit LONGER VID on my Insta ?? @__lizzza__
You can skip to video in 5 seconds.. Longest 5 seconds of my life..
Every time I see a cop.. There must be something wrong..
That stupid hair in your eye.
Why can't girls sound sexy too?! I wake up and I'm a man.
Am I creepy...?
When you see a cute guy.. LOVE MEH PLS #spoderman
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope you're having a great one! So many blessings in 2013, I'm truly thankful. Looking forward to the new year! ??
Cheese balls. (Don't ask me what accent that is, I don't even know)
Laughing when you're not supposed to be: nose version
Before a girl gets her eyebrows done vs. After she gets them done. #amirightladies
When you have that itch in your throat and you have to make that weird noise that turns you into a baby dinosaur.
Oh hey mom..
I know how dogs feel now.. #happyhalloween
Studying for finals...
How white people knock vs. Indian people knock.
When you're chewing minty gum and then you drink something cold. It's so cold
Girls who pretend to act like they know about football. #SuperBowlSunday
When you're chilling and then you realize you have homework to do.. #bigeyesiknow
Annoying iPhones
Am I the only one that gets crunk on these two beats?
Safari man spots the rare cheese balls. #cheeseballs