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15 Biggest Animals in the World. Learn some interesting and amazing facts about animals. From the biggest and heaviest insect to the largest animal on Earth, we count the top 15 of the Biggest Animals in the World. Ever wondered - What is the largest animal in the world?

This top 15 list of the Biggest Animals in the World includes:

Giant African Land Snail - Largest Land Snail,
African Goliath Frog - Largest Frog,
Giant Weta Cricket - Largest Insect,
Capybara - Largest Rodent,
Coconut Crab - Largest Land Crab,
Japanese Spider Crab - Largest Arthropod,
Chinese Giant Salamander - Largest Amphibian,
Saltwater Croc - Largest Reptile,
Ostrich - Largest Bird,
Great Dane - Largest Dog,
Siberian Tiger - Largest Cat,
Giraffe - Largest Ruminant and Tallest Land Animal,
African Bush Elephant - Largest Land Animal,
Whale Shark - Largest Fish,
Blue Whale - Largest Animal and the heaviest in recorded history


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