Download: Hypnotic Affirmations: l Love Being a Girl

By David Bradley


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Initializing link download... Initializing link download..... , This hypnotic affirmation feminization recording, Loving being , is one of a series of feminization recordings, we have produced here at better life workshops, designed to install and strengthen different aspects and pathways, of your inner girl. The part of your subconscious mind that contains your identity as a girl, this identity comes from your beliefs and mindsets about what in means to be a confident and beautiful girl and how well you express the qualities and nature of a feminine girl. It is impossible to be a natural girl by using your conscious minds control alone, because being a natural girl, is expressed, in the way you think, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you express your feelings, your gestures, mannerisms and behaviour, but your powerful subconscious mind can, do all this with ease, because it already does. And this recording will. Be programing your subconscious mind. with feminizing beliefs, mindsets and habits . Even if your subconscious, still has interfering, old patterns of behaviour, from the person, you thought you were, for a while, who you now want to release, and let go, to embrace your true nature, as a a fun filled girl. these hypnotic affirmations are designed to strengthen and reinforce the patterns of behaviour and thoughts of your inner girl who is a woman, so any old patterns from the past cannot fire, and will begin to fade away. Allowing you to fully and complete embrace your female life, knowing your subconscious mind, will naturally express your feminine nature, so the world sees the naturally beautiful feminine girl you are. By locking into place once and for all, your female identity and nature, we are strengthening your inner girl, in your subconscious mind.