Download: Dragon Quest Heroes - Psaro Boss Fight (How to unlock Psaro)

By Lu Bu Feng Xian


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True Fight: (11:51) The Sephiroth oops Psaro fight is unlocked right after visiting the world tree as part of the main quests the 2nd time (You will head to the Fault next) you will get a quest called: A Monstrous Apparition that will lead to this fight against Psaro. Psaro is a tough fight overall, with two annoying Rose guardians that will teleport behind you and slam you for massive damage. After I got used to him I was able to beat him with lvl 30s and no healstone used. Here are some tips I have learned from my experience:
1. Psaro will focus the character you are currently controlling, allowing your teammates to land free hits or use their abilities on him freely. Switch often to take advantage of this.

2. Focus on Psaro, the Rose Guardians are a pain, but they aren't too much trouble, fighting them will cause Psaro to blindside you.

3. You get free hits on Psaro for a short moment when he is charging his black hole attack and when he removes your buffs.

4. Psaro will use his Kaio-Ken (High Tension) when he is below half health to around 1/3 health, he will enter his liberation mode and his attacks will hit far harder with much greater range, do yourself a favor and save up your own Kaio-Ken (17:45 Alena Saves the day again!) til then and just burst him down, otherwise he is very likely to wipe your team with a cut above.