Download: Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori...Ram Milayi Jodi - Episode 347

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Aditya asks Ramya to leave as he will never marry her. Ramya gets angry and decides to send Mona away from Aditya forever. She goes to Mona's room and talks to her about Anukalp. Ramya tells Mona that she wants to tell her about the time when she was in coma. Bharati overhears Ramya telling Mona everything about what Aditya did to save her life. However, Mona feels dizzy and faints. Bharati rushes inside and slaps Ramya. Bharati tries to revive Mona and calls out to Aditya. Aditya picks her up and Ketaki asks Bharati what happened. Bharati tells her that Ramya told Mona everything before she could stop her. Aditya gets angry on Ramya. Ramya accuses him of listening to his middle class family. Aditya feels bad that he could not recognize how horrible Ramya was. Aditya drags Ramya out of the house and takes her to the airport. Ramya promises herself that she will get Aditya back. Mona regains consciousness. The Bedi and Gandhi family discuss how to get Mona married to Aditya. Ketaki suggests that they should get Mona married without letting her know about the truth. She tells everyone that she has some plan in mind which will get Mona married to Aditya. Aditya laments the death of Anukalp. Bharati and Ketaki go to Aditya and ask him if he will be happy with Mona. Ketaki blesses Aditya as he is doing such a great sacrifice and is worried about Mona. Aditya assures Bharati that he is blessed to be her son as she loves her daughter-in-law like a daughter.