Download: Homebuilt 0-15V 3A Power Supply

By BDub


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Something I built many years ago to get me started in electronics. Hope you enjoy checking it out. As I get asked about the parts I will include links to parts you might be able to find today:

For the enclosure, I got that from Radio Shack back in the day. I don't see anything like that there now. DigiKey has a similar sized box that has a similar double U shape here:
(however it's pretty expensive for what it is, I doubt I paid more than $10 for mine from Radio Shack)

My enclosure measures 5.3" wide by 4.2" tall by 5.9" deep

The regulation circuit uses a 5k ohm 3.5 turn potentiometer from "Penny & Giles Christchurch England MCPK15". There is a 220 ohm resistor across Vout and Vadj of the LM338K. The potentiometer is connected between Vadj and GND. My adjustment tops out at around 3k ohms which calculates to be roughly 16V using the equation from the LM338K datasheet. Really simple circuit!