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World’s fastest archer releases Q&A video as archery video reaches 30 million views on youtube

Master Archer Lars Andersen lifts the veil on some of
his secrets and answers criticism in new video

An internet phenomenon

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet lately, you’ll know that the world’s fastest archer is Danish and that his name is Lars Andersen. Andersen’s six minute archery video went viral soon after its release in late January, and has since been seen and discussed by millions of people across the world. It’s by far the most seen archery video ever, and has been shown on TV stations all over the world. Not only has the 50-year old Dane inspired people across the globe to take up archery, he’s also been bowled over with requests from archers interested in learning his more dynamic style of archery. And as always, when something hits the internet full force, there are parodies, critics, fans and deniers enough to blow anyone’s mind.

Populism and communication

Andersen is now world famous, but he’s also created debate in archery communities worldwide. Is it real? Is it all fake? Does he actually know what he’s talking about? In his famous video, Andersen tells that he has “re-invented ancient techniques”. Some archery experts reacted critically to the statement, and the amount of online debate that has followed has been truly staggering. This debate has prompted Andersen to make a short new video, explaining some things to critical viewers. And to make it interesting for everyone else, he’s spiced it up with some previously unreleased footage of him performing trick shots.

Grabbing an arrow, turning around and splitting another with it

In one shot Lars Andersen stands with his back to another archery, grabs the arrow shot at him without looking, and turns around and fires it at a stationary, upright arrow, which is split in two. Andersen remarks that this was just a lucky shot and that was the reason it didn’t end up in the previous video, but it still is quite impressive.

Working with professionals on future videos

Andersen has been criticized by some on account of his videos being filmed with low-quality equipment, and on shoestring budgets. Reality is that the videos he’s released before have been patched together from training videos and practice filming. For his next video he’s working with top-tier professionals, and the result is guaranteed to be visually stunning and full of new trick shots and mindblowing archery.

Until that video comes out, however, we’ll have to make do with this short Q&A video.


Pictures (credit: Lars Andersen)

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