Download: DruidDroid - Best proxy Singed NA #4 (Diamond l)

By Fiss Mortune


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Statistic with Singed 190 games 68% win ratio
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About proxy singed:

I know what hard counter means and that's exactly what those 4 champs do to a proxy Singed. All 4 have extremely quick waves clears without taken much damage. The whole strategy of proxy Singed is to have your creeps reach the turret unencumbered and take out turrets. However, those 4 are able to tank/clear the creeps in the "safe zone" without much trouble at all so the creeps never reach the turret.

Jayce and Nasus can not clear as fast as Singed, not even close. If Nasus maxes Spirit Fire he's severely limiting his Q so Singed is winning the battle. If Jayce uses Q/E to shove the wave, Singed can just go brawl him because Jayce wasted most of his burst already.

I'm trying to explain this without being condescending but you seem to be discussing this with the logic of someone without much game experience or understanding. One of the greatest benefits of Proxy Singed is that he pushes so fast that he

A.Forces people to skill order differently than they wanted to.
B.Forces the jungler to camp top and waste time chasing Singed
C.It causes Singed to have an advantage in trades because he doesn't need to waste Cooldowns to shove.

Example: If nasus maxes E to keep up then he's missing out on Q damage and Q procs. If he doesn't max E he can't push as fast as Singed which means Singed can brawl him with creep wave advantage, forcing Nasus to miss out on even more CS.

There's a lot more strategy to Proxy Singed than just LOL TURN ON Q AND RUN

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It goes like this. You start with flask, ward and pot and you have teleport summoner.
You go behind enemy top second tower and farm with Q. At 6 you farm top and mid wave in enemy base with R and Q.

Enemy top, mid and jungle lose exp and gold trying to chase you.
Allied jungler and mid gain easy kills in enemy jungle because of singed dot trail.
Your team gains gold and significant level advantage.
Top then mid tower are pushed by your minions.
It goes on when you have tear, rylai, you can easily farm 2x top and mid waves in enemy base before escaping.
If enemy team chase you they lose hp and get easily ganked.
If they dont chase you, they get pushed and you gain a lot of cs.

You will die much more than usual, often by executes.
Requires teamowork.
Enemy team must be stupid to chase you, your team must be smart to gank them.
Does not work well if your teammates have less then at least 1000 games.
Certain tops with great farming counter this, tanking your waves and farming them without problem.
If you have kids in your team this tactic will scare the **** out of them - and you will be getting reports.

Its risky, its fun, its very frustrating for the enemy if your team mates are experienced.
If you have people who open with dorans and boots, who start qq on your 1st execute you know its a fail :]

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