Download: Guild Wars 2 - All Norn Transformations and skills [HD]

By Vercammen312


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This is a simple video showing you the 4 transformations any norn can use after unlocking the required skill to do so. Each transformation lasts for 30 seconds and can be very good if used at the appropriate moment. (Cooldown: 4 minutes)

If you're starting a norn character, my advice would be to get the wolf transformation first because of the howl that gives you and others near you health regeneration.

These transformations can be unlocked with skill points
Your first transformation can be unlocked around lvl 30, depending on play style and how you spend your skill points.

1) Wolf
Wolf: 00:04
Wolf combat: 00:27

I like this transformation because of Howl (health regeneration) and Blood Frenzy which also helps to regain health.

2) Bear
Bear: 01:01
Bear Combat: 01:30

Also a nice transformation. The Roar, which gives Might, could be useful depending on the situation.

3) Raven
Raven: 02:28
Raven Combat: 03:01

The transformation looks good but I wouldn't take this for your first transformation if you're doing PvE.

4) Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard: 03:32
Snow Leopard Combat: 04:03
Snow leopard Dash: 04:33
Snow leopard Prowl: 05:08
Snow leopard Prowl 2: 05:40
Snow leopard Dash and Prowl: 06:19

I really like this transformation because it's fun and it looks good.
Dash and Prowl can be quite useful.

If you have any questions or remarks, leave a comment below.
(Some questions are posted and answered below, try reading them too, if you want to know more about Norn).

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