Download: Euro Truck Simulator 2 2DoF Motion Platform

By dampflieger


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Thanks to Value1 I can use my motion platform with EuroTruck Simulator 2!

I cut out most of the long highway trip into London but saved entering the city and finding the destination. Since there is very little sudden, jerky, motion on the highway I used the city driving to highlight the movement in the platform.

Gradual movement is a bit choppy but this is due to my profile settings, there are lots of adjustments available to the user.

Please be aware that this is my second day playing this excellent sim and as you can see...I have issues, lol.

What you cannot see are the BassShakers mounted under the platform. Combined with the movement of the platform this provides excellent immersion to the game.

Both of my parents were truck drivers before they retired and although I am not myself a truck driver this rig does give a good approximate feeling of what it was like to drive with them.

I am using TrackIR-5 with the three point hat clip.

The grinding noise that you hear is the 12v metal geared winches used to move the platform, I have plans to cover these in the future which should help reduce the noise. Or I will buy really powerful headphones ;)

This is my first motion platform. This rig is has two degrees of freedom (2DoF); pitch and roll. I built this platform as a proof of concept for my next effort: a 3DOF platform for flight simulation. The 3DoF platform will carry my F-18C simulated cockpit.

This rig is made from 1"x1" square 1/8" steel tubing.

Wheel and Pedals: Fanatec 911 and Elite
Controller: Arduino UNO using a sketch provided by RacingMat
2 Motor Drivers: Pololu 755
Power: 12v deep cycle battery
Motors: 12v electric winch motors
Seat: Recycled office chair
Pivot: 2010 Peterbuilt Driveline U-joint assembly from the scrap yard.
Motion Software. Simtools. Free tool created by the good folks at

The "wing" on the back was not intentionally intended to look like a car spoiler ;) It was supposed to allow me to have a keyboard and mouse while I tested the motion of the rig. I should paint it black to match the rest of the rig :D

Thanks again to everyone at who helped me to create this rig.
BSFT (MotionDave) for talking me into it and providing advice.
Earobbie for leading the way on the use of winch motors, and advice.
Aarondc for help with getting my miniature test rig going
Value1 for creating Simtools plugins
yobuddy for developing Simtools
Raceray for creating a home for the DIY motion platform builder.
RacingMat for creating, testing and helping with his Arduino sketch.

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