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No 1639
ED (erectile disfunction) often occurs in young men, such as in their thirties.
I uploaded nevember 2012 one case (No1570), case Mr. A.
Today, Mr.B.
Wiki says, Erectile dysfunction (ED) is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance.
射精障害は No1570 (Nov 2012) を参照。
anejaculation, unable to ejaculate, 射精障害, see No1570 (Nov 2012).
Mr. A has bowlegs, but Mr. B has knock knees on the contrary.
Mr. A has stiff and shrunk lumber caused by power work. Mr. B has stiff and shrunk belly caused , I assume, by sedentary life-style.
In traditional osteopathy of Japan, it is said that men who have flexible lumber are active in sex.
ED is often caused by body-wide tension because of age or stress in my opinion. Anejaculation is caused by similar reason. As wiki says, causes are various.
Life style is often said for various disease. I refer only tension caused various reason. This is sleave-reaction approach, and this approach is very effective as you see in my videos. Important view is, this is a chronicle disease and needs continuous effort to loosen whole body.
One case, Mr. A November 2012, additional cause of his are, his physically heavy work as a forestman (forester), and eventual tensed, clogged groin and lower belly, which caused an inguinal hernia and needed insertion of silicon cloth.
Another case, Mr. B, this video of 2014, shows different cause. Mr. B
Isn't a macho man, not sports loving person. He is in his thirties, and yet has experienced hernia (slipped disc), which is very rare in such a young age.
Common characteristics or problems shared by Mr. A and B are discoloration of some parts skin such as ankles's, waist's, hips through upper legs-back's and etcetera. This coloration shows shrinkage of inner fascias and tissues.
Another shared phenomenon is hernia, at lumber for Mr. B and at groin for Mr. A.
The hernia tells too much tension on particular parts.
Now, a question comes in. What is going on at parts which have very complicated structure, such as feet and hands and ribs on thorax. If such parts are very dark and stiff, problems are supposed to be there.
Mr. B (this video) has right groin pain and left lumber pain. His thorax is distorted, right shoulder is higher than left. Maybe, left ribs are lower than right to cause hernia and left lumber pain.
Another curious thing of Mr. B is that he feels very hot on face but very chilly on feet.
From my view, sedentary life style causes stiff lower body, and that causes shortage of bloodstream there. When lower body stiffness comes suddenly, nosebleed occurs. Then you must do loosening on feet, legs and hips.
When he made some actions for test, I had an impression that his fascias beneath skin are very thick and flexibility is insufficient. By the observation of at the beginning, I found his right hand and finger have many troubles, Very thick fascias, inwards bent and fat joints.
This phenomenon was seen in LSS person (lumbar spinal stenosis 脊柱管狭窄症 ), once in my experience.
Mr. B has fat fingers, fat fingers and enlargement of prostate are similar phenomena, I assume.
In a LSS person, I saw once same and more heavy finger fatness.
I assume, like Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) person, his lumber fasscias and tendons are heavily thickened and got fat. Therefore, to get full recovery, it takes very much time, say years.
前立腺肥大があるが、 benign enlargement of the prostate (BEP),or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)、これは指が太くなるのと同じ現象であろうと思われる。
fat fingers and enlargement of prostate are similar phenomena, I assume.
下腹部筋膜の変質は、恥骨下、会陰(center of perinea region),中心は会陰体( perinial body)、坐骨域の硬化に並行して進行する。