Download: The ultimate cool metal detector mod: turning single freqency machine into a dual FRANKENTECTOR!

By Adventures with Jim


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Initializing link download... Initializing link download..... Ever have weird ideas pop into your head at random? I do...ALOT...(in case you haven't been watching my vids in the past) This just CAME to me out of nowhere...the ulimate metal detector mod...

The version shown in the video is pretty down right rough, but you gotta start somewhere putting the idea together. Cool part is, this actually works!

By adding the light weight Teknetics G2 control module on to the sturdier frame of the IDX you get the best of both worlds...6.59khz and 19.1khz, concerntric coil and DD coil. The arrangement also picks up additional coverage on the small give a wider spectrum view what treasures are really hiding under the ground.

Next step is to build a more solid coil mount, this taped up crap is simply to check how close the coils can get while staying stable. Think of the possible new configurations that are possible...with no physical changes to either metal detector, just rearranging the parts, they can be reassembled to original or set up in any number of configurations...2 sniper coils, 2 large coil, one large one small...or even just swap single coils. The two machines are fully independant, each can be used to the their strong point, the IDX for example is tremdously good at silver targets, while the G2 is better at picking apart the low end of the spectrum. You can run both flat out, or in mixed modes.

The head phones are wired up seperately as well, each side plugged into a different detector, one beeps in left ear, the other beeps in the right ear. It remains to be seen how confusing this will get in complex terrain...but with the option for the mixed modes, it should be possilbe to keep track of which machine is beeping with a little practice.

Well, that's the theory anyways...