Download: ESO PvP - Goodbye Patch 1.6, Stamina Nightblade | Small Scale PvP

By OdinForge


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**I do not use macros, there has been a lot of drama about this recently. 1.6 is very punishing to people who do not (or cannot) react fast enough to damage, animation canceling is very easy to learn and use in this game . All my builds use animation canceling to be more efficient and compete with top tier players, but this build in particular is one of my highest damage builds to date. It's a shame that i have to come out and defend myself against the accusations of macroing, i have never cheated like that or hacked in ESO ever.

Our small scale group fled to Thornblade to escape the lag, and see what kind of fights we could find on a sever we haven't played in many months. Needless to say, I don't think the locals expected outsiders.

Tribute to some of my friends, hopefully new adventures await us. We're a small scale PvP group looking for fun fights and no lag.

The Cuddle Pwince - The Prince
The Cuddle Pwincess - The Princess
Sylvannas Stormrage - The trick shot
Bolaz - The Solar Flare
Kisandrea - The Ninja Res
Arcalas - The almighty wall
Lone fenrir - The Divine Potato

Build: Under construction
ESO Lone Fenrir
Stamina NB
Ebonheart NB
NA Server
ESO 1v1
ESO 1vx
ESO Outnumbered
ESO Solo Roaming
Team Fuck the Meta