Download: My Twin Sister and I: Jonas Twin Sister Spanking Story Introduction *Fan Fiction*

By ❤TwightHeart❤


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Hi my name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas but that's my birth name but please call me Nick and I take care of my two twin sister Casey and Cassandra who are 8 years old. I live in a condo with my twin sisters and trust me it's is hard having to handle two twin girls especially when they fight, but I how I handle it is I usually spank the girls or either put them in times out. I been taking care of the girls ever since my parents move to England so they could be a lot clo7ser to their jobs. The girls didn't want to leave so they decide to live with me and mom and dad were okay with that. so it's tough taking care of two twin sisters but I have a lot of help from my two best friends Kevin and Joe. Kevin is married to Dani and Joe has a girlfriend name Demi and me well not yet anyways but I am trying. I have my own band called Nick and the administration and that's working just fine as well. The girls are not okay with being famous because of the paparazzi and fans are always crowding us and never minding their own business. The girls go to a private school so they have to wear uniforms, they only have one friend who is Noah and I also find out that she has a big sister name Miley who seem really nice and the girls actually like spending time with her maybe one day I will plan of asking her out one day. My other friend is Selena and girls love spending time with her as well but I just think of as my best friend and nothing else cause then it would be just weird for the both of us. I love my friends and their support and I don't know what I would do with them if I had to raise Cassandra and Casey on my own.
Hey guys I know I'm not posting like I usually am but school getting in the way and we only have 2 months left because again I finish June 12 but I still have to come back to take regents because I'm in the state of NY. Kevin and Dani are not in the intro because they won't be in it that much because I already wrote this story but almost done with it because I wrote this story in wattpad and I just wanted to show you guys/ Well I have to go now it's getting late and I just wanted to upload this again this story will come out when I finish writing it on wattpad. For my wattpad readers should make Book 2 to when the twins are teenagers tell me below if you would like me to continue this series because obvisuly it's my favorite to write on wattpad beside my other four which is why I haven't posted in a while and I'm also writters block for them or I just don't have the time.