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We took a beyblade and made it scary and dangerous by attaching utiity knife blades to it. I took some advice from commentors and swept the blades back, and also used tape to hold down some of the objects, like the egg.
I would really advise that you don't try this because it has the potential to really injure you. You've been warned! "BINGO!"

I use that big platter because it reflects light well and I can get better camera shots than a stadium.
For those interested in the videography:
In the real-time clips, there doesn't appear to be much happening, and you will also notice the imagery looks odd because of the various shutterspeeds (aka exposures) and framerates of the camera making the blades appear to not be moving or making the blades looked warped. Because the high speed cameras operate at fast framerate and exposures at or above 1/5000th of a second, the blades and movement look more "normal". The Casio HS cameras are not "point and shoot" type cameras and the focus, exposure, white balance, and framerate have to be set beforehand and are all locked once they start recording. I have to juggle all these according to the amount of light I have available and the brightness (reflectivity) and color of the objects.

Music: (watch the video for description!)