Download: Black VS Red VS Grey Chinchompas (Oldschool Runescape)

By Muscle


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Prices from 05/20/2014 from Zybez, THESE ARE JUST ESTIMATES

Average xp per chin (From 1k sample)

Grey - 150xp
Red - 200xp
Black - 250xp

Average xp/hour (Accurate attack style)

Grey - 225kxp/hour
Red - 300kxp/hour
Black - 375kxp/hour

1 Prayer potion = 85 Chins (at lv80 Prayer)
1 Ranging Potion = 425 Chins
1 Super Antipoison = 825 Chins

Chins used for 80-99 Ranged
44k Black (+-1000gp ea = 44M)
55k Red (+- 725gp ea = 39.8M)
73k Grey (+- 450gp ea = 32.85M)

Cost for potions from 80-99 Ranged

For Grey chins we gonna use around 860 Prayer potions, 172 Ranging Potions and 89 Super Antipoisons
making a total of 12,43M

For Red chins we use around 650 Prayer potions,130 Ranging Potions and 67 Super Anti making
a total of 9,4M

For Black Chins we use around 518 Prayer Potions,100 Ranging Potions and 53 Super anti, making
a total of 7.5M)

Total cost

51,5M with Black Chins
49M with Red and
45,28M with Grey Chins

Grey Chins are the slowest but cheapest
Red Chins are around 8,2% more expensive and 33% faster experience than grey chins
Black Chins are around 13,7% more expensive and 66% faster experience than grey chins

Its worth it to pay 13,7% more for 66% faster experience ? I think so