Download: Fastest in Star Stable Fjord vs. American Quarter

By RadioaCtiv3


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♡ Replies to the most common questions ♡

♡ Where are you from?
100% Proud Swedish!

♡ What server are you on?
I have 9 accounts on 5 servers. You can see them all here:

♡ Where is your new account & is it SR?
On Air Star & yes! I know that people will find out the full name, but for now it will be private. I just wanted to have an account where I can pretend to be a regular, non YouTuber player for a while.

♡ Do all your accounts have LT?
Only my main account have. I have a video about LT here:

♡ Can you make an account on my server?
I already have way too many accounts & I don't have time to use them all.

♡ How many horses do you have?
I did the All My Horses vid for 2015 here: but have bought more since then!

♡ What do you record & edit with?
OBS, Fraps & Vegas Pro. I have a video of how I edit here:

♡ What do you edit your pictures/thumbnails with?
Photoshop! I have a video showing how I make them here:

♡ What is the best gear in SSO?
The video with the fastest gear is here:

♡ What is the fastest horse in SSO?
They change the speed of the horses all the time, that's why I can't make any more proof videos. If I would make one, it could have changed the day after. If you want to know what breed is the fastest without testing, look at what top racers use. If they all use one breed, that's the fastest. If they use different breeds, they are all the same speed.

♡ Do you know any codes?
Everytime there's a new code I always post it in my latest videos comment section. You can however see a ton of codes for clothes & items that never go out of use here:

♡ How do you win championships?
I have a video where I talk about that here:
and how you should use your hands on your keyboard/mouse in champs here:

♡ Can you do this champ in a video that's not speed edited?
I have all champs in regular speed in this playlist:

♡ Can you win a champ without SR?
Yes I can & I have. Moorland Champ: Fort Pinta Champ:

♡ Can you win a champ with a lvl 1 horse?
Yes. If you're low level, skilled or lucky. I have a video of me winning a champ with a lvl 1 horse here:

♡ How do you get so much Star Coins?
There's only one way of getting a lot of SC - You buy it. There is no such thing as working SC cheat or hacks that will not get you banned.

♡ Have you ever been banned on one of your accounts?
Never, becasue I always follow the rules. You can see all of Star Stables rules here:

♡ Why do you have so many accounts & how so you create more?
Becuse I love to play SSO & at top level you don't have any quests, so I make more accounts because I love to level & it's always fun to see how fast you can do it. Getting to meet people from all over the world is so much fun! Anyone can create another account if you have another email.

♡ How do I move my character to Sweden (Air Star)?
Only SSO Support can move your character across regions & I have only seen them do it for GMs & people who they think are important. I have never asked them to move me, simply because I don't like to move my toons around. If I want an account on a specific server, I create one there.

♡ Can I be a RadioaCtiv3 GirL?
Everyone who likes me & my videos are called RadiaoCtiv3 GirlS, so if you do, you already are!

♡ Can we meet?
Too many people ask this for me to be able to do this, sadly. I do however sometimes do random stampedes!

♡ Stampedes on Night Star, Air Star & Cupcake Valley

♡ Can you do Let's Plays?
I already have! I have actually done pretty much all videos you can ask for. You can find them on my front page & playlists.

♡ Can I be your friend?
I always send friend invites to people I see are true friends to me, but I never accept friend requests. I friend people who always greet me when we see eachoter ingame or in global & who are always nice & speak to me like a friend. Please never send me friend requests, even just if it's to check if "I'm just online". I have become friends with people just after speaking with them in letters. If you send a letter & want me to reply, always make sure there's space in your mailbox & never send more then one at the time! Please see here: this one &