Download: Test animation: Uh... Momiji Inubashiri plays a flute or something

By Daniel Renard


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This video was "unlisted" for a day, as it was only part of an experiment, but I will lift the unlisted status so that more people will be able to see it.

In advance, I'm sorry if I cannot get back to viewers comments any time soon. As mentioned in the original description below, I'm going to be busy, probably for the next couple of weeks.

Original description:
Finally got some time off from work and decided to do some testing.
I got my hands on some "new toys" a while back and testing several things:

Testing TVPaint Animation Pro. file export conversions, as well getting a feel of the tools and functionality. - Some conversions were quite harsh on sound and picture quality...

Testing Youtube's uploading functions and settings. (it's years since last I uploaded anything) so I'm quite blank.

Testing Marcel's Flute Shop, "Sopranino Recorder" in Propellerhead Reason, used very simple to play a few notes of Momiji's theme melody, after YT user 'Nitori Kappashiro' kindly answered a question I had, regarding types of flutes, in a music video featuring Momiji Inubashiri (hence this animation).
Reason comes with several flute instruments, but many are simply too "orchestral" or synthetic. None quite have that 'clean' flute sound that an ordinary- or in this case Sopranino Recorder does. (added a bit much Reverb. on this though.)
I am however still looking for the elusive "Jazz flute" which I'm not sure what other names it goes by. Axel from "Disgaea 2 - Dark Hero Days" plays such flute on two occasions during game play and I really desire to have that 'sound' for a specific song.

The animation was rushed and is *utter garbage!*
Originally, it was only a 52 frame loop, but I decided to try some functions, where adding a "start" and a "finish" to the loop, became much more accessible.
It only served to test out the functions in TVP. It served its purpose quite well! I've grown quite accustomed to the program, learned from my mistakes in it and I'm very fond of its tools and general user-friendliness. The amount of frames is a bit over the type for the style. Use half the frames would yield a better result.
The art style is inspired by animations done by Maitora, who has done a fantastically cute Momiji animation, among many others.

Momiji is not my favourite Touhou character and I quite frankly know too little about the lore of the game. I mostly know its music and derivative fan works, so I do not call myself a fan. I am however quite in admiration of the story about ZUN. Very inspiring.
I DO plan on creating more Touhou related animation (Hand drawn and MMD) in the future...

...but right now I do not have the time. I need to finish up a portfolio, as well repay an old debt to a friend that dates... 6 years back (yikes...), but haven't been able to sooner, because my hands have been tied with work.

Animation test by me.
TouhouProject, Momiji Inubashiri © ZUN