Download: Mortal Kombat Special Edition - Supreme Demonstration (Only MKP characters)

By BoggyTheWorm


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My fifth MKP fatality demonstration. The another 2 hours of the fatalities, brutalities, friendships, animalities, babalities and hara kiris, including the super combo moves.

WARNING: There is a lot of the recolors, spriteswaps and screwed up fatals.

This is Mortal Kombat Special Edition, a Russian languaged MKP compilation, which was made by Voodoo. It's a really obscure and the most bizarre one I have ever played. It has as many character as Mortal Kombat Chaotic does.

Good things about it:
- Some of the canon/major characters such as Cyrax, Smoke or Sektor, was updated and got Super Combo Moves.
- Some custom background music is pretty nice. For example Rob Zombie's songs or Need For Speed series soundtrack
- We can see many versions of the canon characters such as Scorpion or Sub-Zero

Bad things about it:
- 30% of the characters in the roster are the non-MKP characters, that are not compatible with the MKP games and most of them is horribly created
- We got a lot of the recolors. Shit! We have too many of the fucking Sektor recolors. These are the obvious recolors, since while the "Mercy" move Shao Kahn says "Sektor shows mercy."
- Weird-ass edits and spriteswaps. There is a lot of them. An example of such character is Scorp-Liu Kang. Scorp Liu Kang? Are you fucking serious? There is a version of UMK3 Smoke, which was ruined by mixing him with Snake's coding. An example of a strange edit is Savage Scorpion, which has Reptile's/Devil Reptile's friendship and has some missing sprites.
- The hi-res stages do not play well, if they are added to the lo-res WinMUGEN engine.
- The music always glitches up while I am fighting an opponent due to the plugins this MKP game has.
- The strange edits cause a lot of glitches.
- They got rid of the fatalities on various characters such as the MK3 Liu Kang. H-H-H-HOW COULD THEY DO THAT?! THEY RUINED ONE OF MY FAVOURITE GOOD CHARACTERS!
- Some of the fatalities do not work in any distance.

I had to change some movesets of the characters since some of them was too complicated to execute.

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